RescuePad Spineboard Specifications

specifications RescuePad

RescuePad Spineboards

  • Tapers from 18″ to 14″ from head end to foot end. 74.2″ long x 3.2″ high at height of concave patient surface.
  • Integrated Padding (optional) – nonabsorbent, contoured, beveled edges, adhesive backed, can be removed for sanitizing and reapplied. 65″ x 11.375″ x 6mm.
  • Spineboard can be used with or without padding – no recess for padding.
  • Integrated IV Pole (optional) – four attachment points. Stores in bag under handholds
  • DoubleConcaveTM cross-section (patented) for extreme rigidity
  • Concave patient surface adds comfort and support, minimizes lateral movement
  • Continuous Concave bottom! – For clear X-rays
  • Splayed runners! – Wider in torso region (crucial for torso X-rays)
  • Compatible with virtually all Head Immobilizers and patient restraints
  • CT scan compatible, 100% guaranteed X-ray translucent between runners – no slots, bends, rods in X-ray field.
  • Ideal for water rescue – floats extremely large accident victims
  • Haz-Mat impermeable
  • One-piece seamless design prevents fluids from entering, easy to clean and decontaminate.
  • 14 extra large, raised, ergonomic handholds for gloved hands
  • Multiple strap holes
  • Durable, mold in custom graphics available
  • Available in bright yellow
  • Made in USA
  • 14.5 LBS without padding
  • 1000+ LB load capacity

Spineboard Padding

  • Nonabsorbent
  • Contoured
  • Beveled Edges
  • Adhesive backed
  • Can be reapplied
  • 65″ x 11.375″ x 6mm
  • 0.52 LBS

Collapsible IV Pole

  • Attaches to RescuePad spineboard in four locations
  • Hollow aluminum tubes with internal elastic shock cord
  • Fold tubes end-to-end and store in zippered canvas bag under handholds
  • Flange Hook for secure bag attachment
  • Elastic Velcro� strap compresses IV bag and prevents swinging
  • 28.75″ tall, 0.51 LBS
  • Stainless steel base quickly connects and disconnects from spineboard
  • Instructions [PDF 167 KB]