RescuePad Padded Spineboard

rescuepad padded spineboard

RescuePad Spineboard offers the ultimate in first-responder ergonomics and is engineered for patient comfort and safety.

Even without injuries, patients strapped to un-padded spineboards (or poorly padded spineboards) can suffer excruciating pain and injury when their shoulder blades, hipbones and other bony prominences lose circulation, sometimes in just 10 minutes. The RescuePad spineboard’s unique integrated padding reduces pressure sores, improving comfort for the immobilized patient.


  • RescuePad spineboard’s integrated intravenous pole easily folds and stores in a zippered bag under the handholds
  • RescuePad spineboard is wider and stiffer to accommodate an increasingly obese population difficult to transport on standard spineboards
  • RescuePad spineboard’s continuously concave bottom and uniquely splayed runners provide optimal X-ray clarity – no slots, bends or rods in the X-ray field
  • Custom graphics available – permanently molded into the spineboard
  • RescuePad is CT scan compatible
  • 14 extra-wide, raised, ergonomic handholds for gloved hands
  • RescuePad spineboard has multiple strap holes – with 12 speed clip pins